Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Dear Diary...

What did I do today?

- I hung all the soft toys I keep for sentimental reasons up on the line (it's supposed to help kill dust mites)

Also, Xi Shi, the lovely doll my sister made me, out for an airing:

- I sipped coffee while Repton and Repton's Dad (TM) did constructiony type things on the garden.  (I've had prior involvement in this bit helping to clear away the mountain of stones some clown put on our nice garden, and digging the drainage trench (now filled in with the same bally stones + compost mixed with clay and gypsum, and faintly visible on the left.)
- Possible casualties of war - two rose bushes which had their root balls trimmed like billy-o to fit them into their temporary holding pots.  (Not these ones, which we got hold of today, rather smaller ones.)  Well, they may survive.
And I'm shortly off to visit Cat.  Christmas holidays are great.

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