Sunday, August 15, 2010

Damn you, Stephen Moffat!!

I finally watched the last two episodes of the latest Doctor Who series.


Things I never thought a National government would consider supporting...

Introducing a compulsory savings plan.

I can't wait to hear the howls from the libertarians and the Property Party (ie Act).

Thursday, August 05, 2010

The start of a new campaign

My long term roleplaying group got together tonight to do character creation and the opening session of our new campaign, described by our GM as 'brightly coloured portal fantasy kind of like Thieves & Kings, Castle Waiting and Narnia.' (Our previous campaign was truly made of The Awesome, and included the most heroic character I've ever played, a severely delusional 10 year old girl. It made sense in context.)

We started off playing evacuees climbing on to the train to leave London and after a very long day realised that we'd been forgotten about in a siding - or had we? And then we went looking for our teacher, found a man with no shirt, a helmet with horns on and very furry trousers (clearly a gypsy), another man in a dress, a talking cat, and some nice people who took us in for the night. Devon is a very strange place, but it's much more interesting where the cats aren't as stupid as they are in London.

There are however some warning signs:
- we defaulted to an angsty backstory for at least two characters
- our backstory is the Evacuation and our first encounter includes a satyr (I kept expecting the Secret Police to turn up and arrest everybody for being humans)
- the final scene showed NishaTalitha switching awareness back to Mundane World, then flicking back to Fantasy World when she got scared by a rat. In our last game, the delusions of our children characters turned out to be very scary and very important to the overall plot. Eep.