Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Back From Holiday

Repton and I just got back from a long weekend in Auckland.  (Official reason was that some family of his wanted a get together on Easter Sunday, but mostly we just wanted a holiday.)

It's been really nice.  We were staying in a bed & breakfast in Laingholm (a small villagey type place out in the hills past Waitakere) and spent a lot of time being Tourists.  And because it's the way we're inclined, that meant lots of bushwalks and going out to the beach (Piha and Long Bay), as well as the zoo and the Botanical Gardens.  (Seriously, the only way to get out of walking when you're on holiday with Repton is to twist your ankle.  ;-) )

Also visiting with people, and generally relaxing, and Eating A Lot.  And the weather was glorious, which is saying a lot since a week before Easter a big storm was forecast.  So really, it ended up feeling like a second Christmas.

(Apologies to the people who wanted to catch up but the timing didn't work out.)