Thursday, July 28, 2005

It's All Good.

My Middle English course is producing a mystery play for October. It's called the Harrowing of Hell and I get to be Beelzebub.
Heh heh heh.
(Slinks off to work on Evil Laugh)

Saturday, July 23, 2005

And Another Just Because...

My sister Catherine wrote this poem. It made me laugh a lot and I feel like sharing.

To My Sister's Cat
For you have been radioactive in your day, and petulant when we shunned you.
For your blindness is very audible.
For your voice is distinctive and your appetite a Thing that waxeth, yea, and waneth in its own Time and Measure.
For you complain about this.
For you will sit and sit and sit
And sit and sit
And sit.
For your rest is peaceful,
And you are very stubborn.
For you will never brisk about life, but for one case:
For you will throw your heart and small body at the door and, lo!, it opens.
For you will never admit that it won't.
For you are as soft as the Sea bathing ancient bones and as stubborn as the Sea in your striving.
For you are happy to see me.
For you love my sister.
For you are happy.

--Catherine Pegg

(To people who read this who have never met my cat, she is getting old and blind. Several years she was treated with radioactive iodine for a health problem which meant that she couldn't sleep in my room for several weeks. My nights used to go like this: THUD, slide, patpatpat, THUD, slide, patpatpat, THUD, slide, patpatpat, THUD, slide, patpatpat, meow, THUD, slide, patpatpat and so forth ad insomniam. I had to barricade myself in because the catch on the door wouldn't keep her out by itself. After a couple of hours she'd change tactics and sit outside my window crying. It was a very long three weeks.)